Hello there, lovelies!


My name is Chelsey. I live in uptown Minneapolis with my husband Brad. You can usually find me excessively making to-do lists, getting way too competitive playing board games with friends, and decorating our cozy little apartment. If you’re also obsessed with Celine Dion, Christmas, and snuggling babies, we should probably go ahead and be best friends.  


As for my photography journey, let’s rewind to 2012 - summer after my freshman year of college. I was living back at home and was struggling to find a summer internship in small town Iowa. So I decided to take advantage of not having to pay rent that summer (thanks mom and dad!) to create my own job and get into photography. What started as taking photos for a few family and friends grew into something I ended up doing throughout all of college. After graduation, I moved to Minneapolis, started a full-time job, and put photography to rest so I could focus on #adulting. Fast forward to today, I’m still figuring out this #adulting thing, but I’ve realized how much I’ve missed this little creative outlet/side business of mine. So here we are!


Let’s chat and be friends!